We’re moving!

EPCON is excited to move to Dunden, a tech hub in the heart of Antwerp. This innovative and shared office space focuses on B2B Software as a Service companies with a special interest in healthcare, funding, corporate innovation and social impact. We are delighted to be sharing office space with fellow health tech start-ups such as:

  • Helpper: A platform for helping people in need, specifically those experiencing health problems.

  • Cast Animation: A company that creates short animation videos for the healthcare sector.

  • Bingli: A chatbot that conducts a smart medical interview with the patient before the actual in-person visit, resulting in a more qualitative and time-efficient consultation.

  • Eyesee: A fast-growing behavioral research company for understanding consumer behaviour - via methods such as online eye tracking, facial coding, virtual shopping and surveys.

  • Salvus Health: A platform for patient-oriented services in pharmacies.

  • Bluehealth Innovation Center: An organization that supports digital innovation to transform healthcare.

  • Bluehealth Innovation Fund: An investment fund that helps to identify future leading health tech companies.

With Dunden’s focus on innovation, technology and community, we are sure to thrive in our stimulating new space.