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Presenting EPCON’s Epidemic Control Platform at Nigeria’s National TB Conference

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

EPCON is participating in the National Tuberculosis (TB) Conference 2021, currently being held in Abuja, Nigeria. The event will bring together key stakeholders in and outside Nigeria who are working towards eliminating TB in the country. The theme ‘Sustaining a resilient TB response in Nigeria: Addressing the impact of COVID-19 and other diseases’ provides a platform to deliberate on the effects of the pandemic on TB control in Nigeria. Participants will share experiences and recommend strategies to address TB control during current and future pandemics.

EPCON plays a pivotal role in TB surveillance and control in Nigeria via its collaboration with the Institute of Human Virology and the Society for Family Health for the USAID-funded TBLON 3 project. This project finds “missing” - i.e. undiagnosed - TB patients and connects them with care in four South Western states of Nigeria. At the conference, Vincent Meurrens, EPCON’s founder, will showcase the company’s Epidemic Control Platform and digital tools, which are used by the TBLON 3 project.

The National Tuberculosis conference provides an important opportunity to engage with partners and stakeholders. This further expands EPCON’s understanding of its challenges faced by their partners in resource constrained settings. In addition, close collaboration and brainstorming sessions with project managers and program officers are helping EPCON tailor its digital tools and technology, maximizing their potential impact in achieving the goal of controlling TB.


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