Dedicated to fight TB… It’s Time!

Last week we had the opportunity to attend the StopTB Board Meeting at the Global Health Campus in Geneva. Although TB remains a global health problem and threat to many communities and individuals, it is comforting to see so many people and organisations committed to eradicate the disease. The fight against TB is one of people, technology, medication and innovation to disrupt the status quo.

Through the private sector we bring new methods to identify, screen and treat those affected. It remains a challenge to connect the dots… Diversity and competition is a necessity to stimulate this innovative process and bring competitive solutions.

Finding areas that unite us and increase value for the TB community is our responsibility. The Private Sector Constituency helps in this delicate process.

We are so excited to play a role in this fight and create solutions to find missing patients and optimise country resources for more effective TB programs and patient care. It’s Time … and this is why we do it.


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