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Identify, monitor, evaluate and predict

We allow organisations to learn from historical data, act against present settings and events and push intelligence to those who need it most.


Our objective is to help find missing patients in low resource settings through the use of smart and innovative solutions. We use deep learning models and spatially enabled technologies to identify areas & communities at risk and find all presumed TB patients, assist in diagnoses, monitor and drive their well-being.

Computer Aided Diagnostics for TB

  • Chest X-ray abnormality detection

  • Triage of presumed patients

  • Cloud and on-premise screening

  • Mobile uploads

Patient Identification

  • Automatic address generation

  • Biometric pattern analysis (face, palm, X-ray)

Epidemic Mapping

  • Study of disease in time and space

  • Identify cause-effect patterns and hidden relations

  • Identify hotspots for outreach campaigns

  • Risk quantification at population and individual level

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Monitor communities and individuals at risk

  • Monitor patient journey

  • Real-time program steering

  • Continuous insights and recommendation

Predictive Modelling

  • Incremental learning from data, humans, things and processes

  • Provide context using real-world data

  • Probabilistic models

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