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Senior Data Scientist in South Africa

Job description

You will be responsible to drive the country's Epidemiological Twin Model in support of our clients. You will help define the country's contextual data layers, support the our partners in the data preparation process and be responsible for the creation of the data collectors using EPCONs technology stack. Further to the creation of a data lake, you will initiate the model training using EPCONs Bayesian Reasoning platform and a variety of machine learning techniques. Output will be analysed, validated and prepared for publication and in-country usage.

We are looking for candidates that are willing to engage and commit to solving some of the more complex challenges that many communities undergo. We develop solutions for social good and support countries in their fight against diseases like Tuberculosis, HIV, COVID-19, Malaria and others. Our clients and partners are highly dedicated and work for a cause… We as a company join this fight and innovate to find solutions that make their lives more efficient and their work more effective. 

Desired skill set

A candidate ideally has knowledge in the following domains or a subset thereof: 

  • Programming languages: R, Python, SPSS, SQL, C++

  • Machine learning: LSTM, CNN, Bayesian Inference, longitudinal, multivariate and time series data analysis, machine learning and data mining techniques

  • Systems: PostgreSQL, PostGIS, QGIS, NIFI, Tensorflow, Keras, Docker

  • Test driven development

  • EPCON will provide support and training to cover for any skill gaps. 

Education level

An ideal candidate has a University degree in one of the following domains or a combination thereof: 

  • Biomedical engineering

  • Computational biology

  • Machine learning

  • Data scientists

  • Computer science

  • Epidemiology

The candidate has a minimum of 5 years experience.

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