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We support the National TB Control Programme in Pakistan to find missing cases

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Pakistan has the 5th highest burden of tuberculosis among all countries. Timely detection of TB is a challenge because of the nature of the disease, especially in enormous populations and territories.

We joined forces with KIT (Royal Tropical Institute Amsterdam) in support of the National TB Control Programme to steer the active case finding activities. It is helping them channel their resources to the right areas at the right time.

Using AI based predictive modelling, we created a ‘digital twin’ of Pakistan based on contextual data and health records. It predicts and maps the potential TB positivity rate on a local level. The government uses it to coordinate budgets and interventions. Healthcare organisations use it to focus on case finding activities and health promotion campaigns in those areas with the highest risk, maximising the outcome.

The impact this intervention can generate: people are diagnosed early and connected to care, which lowers the risk of infection in their families and in the community.


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