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EPCON's CTO Matthys Potgieter lectures at McGill University

Our CTO, Matthys Potgieter, was excited to present at this year’s Advanced TB Diagnostics course for the McGill Summer Institutes in Global Health programme, held on 6-10 June.

The course covered topics in TB diagnostic research and implementation, including a pipeline of innovations, critical pathway for new TB tests, impact of new tests on clinical decision-making and therapeutic choices, cost-effectiveness in routine programmatic settings, and impact on patient-important outcomes. EPCON’s presentation involved a comprehensive explanation of its AI-based dynamic TB surveillance platform used for TB detection and monitoring.

Delegates who attended the course included TB survivors, product manufacturers, donors, product development partnerships, policymakers, academics, clinicians, community advocates, public health implementers and National TB Program managers. This advanced course brought together stakeholders to discuss new technologies and innovations in the area of diagnostics, one of the biggest gaps in the TB cascade of care. If this debilitating disease is not diagnosed correctly, treatment is clearly impeded.


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