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EPCON launches free Computer Aided Diagnostics for Chest X-ray @ AI for Good

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Are you a remote physician, radiologist, technical assistant in need of a second opinion on Chest X-rays for TB diagnostics? You want to explore the possibilities of using CAD in your local settings for screening and triage of presumed TB patients? Connect now with Epcon at, subscribe and start screening.

After two years of development the Epcon team has decided to release its algorithms to those in need. The service is offered through a lightweight web-based solution (mobile/desktop) whereby the user can upload an image of the X-ray and get an immediate score.

As a company we strongly believe in the value of our technology, but as part of our ambition to find and screen all missing patients, it is more important to make our technology available today and contribute to the provision of universal healthcare for all.

More advanced solutions are offered for high volume and systematic screening programs, but for the individual user in a remote location, this second opinion can help make the difference and fast track the process of referring individuals at risk for further screening.

Find out more about EPCON at or get to work via


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