EPCON 's joint venture partners have proven track records and unique expertise in the field of GIS, A.I. and IoT. We consolidate their technologies and expertise in function of health and commit ourselves to further innovate and create solutions in function of epidemic control and the fight against TB.  

Johannesburg – South Africa, Riskscape provides access to high resolution addressable data and maps for South Africa.

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Cape Town – South Africa, Cognitive Systems is driven by biologically inspired computing.

Leuven – Belgium, Imec Health brings advanced diagnostics and precision medicine within everyone’s reach.


EPCON received recognition and support from the Caring Entrepreneurship Fund, Managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, and EIT Health in support of our COVID-19 Epidemiological Twin model. 

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Under the umbrella and guidance of The StopTB Partnership we follow international standards on quality, best practices and sustainability and partner with Public and Private Sector organisations to ensure interoperability and a patient centric approach.

Reach out for more information via info@epcon.ai