From mapping to epidemic control and diagnostic tools

With a strong team of experts in GIS and actuarial science, and having mapped more than half of Africa, Riskscape (one of our JV partners) and its team are the reference when it comes to solving challenges in mapping remote areas and problems in addressability.  




Managing data uncertainty

Working with data that is not readily available (addresses of mine workers, census data, migration of labor workers, sub-national notification rates of TB, etc) creates a lot of uncertainty. This led to the development of tools that helped the team to map population across the region, monitor migration flows, map mineworkers and communities at risk, identify hotspots and more... 

This extensive project learned us about the issues and challenges of not having access to national and sub-national data, and the resulting sub-optimal deployment of country resources for finding missing patients and identifying hotspots for present and future outbreaks.   

It is time for change... Through extending the team with IoT experts, physicians and data scientists, EPCON has created a platform that allows the identification of cause-effect patterns and hidden relations in complex data. We identify risks and symptoms using remote technologies, manage data uncertainty and create context using real-world information.

These tools help you, policy makers, healthcare workers and aid agencies to optimise resources and increase program effectiveness in real-time through identifying areas and communities at risk, finding the missing patients and enabling scalable screening of suspects.   

Innovation through collaboration