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Quantify demand and define your target market

What if you could know upfront where your medicine would have the biggest impact? By collecting and analysing real-world data and patient specific information we are able to map the disease burden in specific areas and population groups, even in unfamiliar emerging markets. This is how we help pharmaceutical companies identify the right audience, location and timing for their go-to-market strategy. Priorities become clear, budgets are better managed and most importantly, you are getting your medicine to where it is needed most.


We help you gain access to specific markets by:

  • Quantifying disease burden in a specific region and specific population groups. 

  • Profiling patients in terms of demographics, social parameters and geography allows you to fine-tune your communication campaigns and strategy.

  • Assessing the impact of your drugs on disease progression to adjust research and development.

  • Measuring the impact of vaccination during rollout and predicting the effectiveness. We offer clear numbers to adjust and improve your campaigns. 

  • Building collaborations with local partners. We can open the door through a collaborative platform in new markets. We introduce you to the right partners to get campaigns up and running and improve the output of your data.


Estimate demand
for new markets

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