Identify, monitor, evaluate and predict

It's time to join the fight

EPCON is a newly formed company that brings together expertise in the field of geographical information, artificial intelligence and epidemiology.  Our platform helps to identify, monitor, evaluate and predict outbreaks of TB and other epidemics.

Our South African roots make that we all too well understand the local context and challenges that are required to join the fight against TB. It are these exact challenges that contribute to our constant drive for innovation.  It is embedded in our genes ... 

EPCON aggregates real time data and combines this with contextual geographical information. (Population density, co-infection, migration, mining, other)  We then use our distributed Bayesian reasoning models to analyse cause-effect patterns and use neural networks to screen chest x-rays at large scale for computer aided diagnostics.

EPCON’s team consists of GIS experts, data scientists and physicians and scale through our extended JV partner networks in Southern African and Europe.

Our offices are based in Antwerp, Belgium, and have extended development teams located in both Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa.