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Our engine as enabler of your AI challenges

Do you want to increase the performance of your health platform through a powerful and dynamic AI driven engine? Our platform can analyse complex data coming from a wide range of sources to unlock predictive personal health insights. With our years of expertise, advanced analytics and access to a vast ocean of real-world data, we take your health tech platform to the next level.


No need for big upfront investments in AI. It’s scalable, easily integrated and secure.


AI as a service



We adapt our powerful AI engine to your platform. We offer the contextual data and know-how to produce the insights you need, while you retain full ownership of your data and the insights derived from them.



As your data grows in volume and complexity,  the engine provides a scalable solution with robust processing and is ready to grow alongside your company.

Epcon_Rapid Deployment.png

Rapid Deployment

Our AI engine has a proven track record in capturing and analysing complex data from a wide range of sources. It is ready to process any input accelerating the pace of innovation.

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GDPR compliant

Your health care data deserves the best protection. We ensure the highest reliability, security and data privacy (GDPR compliant). 

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