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Find missing patients and hotspots

Identify, monitor and evaluate

Predict and prevent future incidents

Deploy country resources in effective way

Mapping - Epidemic Control - Diagnostics

Data science for real-world problems

We help you learn from historical data, act against present settings and events and push intelligence to those who need!

Our objective is to quantify risks, find patients and improve pathway to care through the use of smart and innovative solutions using real-world context and evidence. We use deep learning models and spatially enabled technologies to identify areas & communities at risk, assist in screening, monitor and drive their well-being.

Computer Aided Diagnostics for TB

  • Chest X-ray abnormality detection

  • Triage of presumed patients

  • Cloud and on-premise screening

  • Mobile uploads

Epidemic Mapping

  • Study of disease in time and space

  • Identify cause-effect patterns and hidden relations

  • Identify hotspots for outreach campaigns

  • Risk quantification at population and individual level

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Monitor communities and individuals at risk

  • Monitor patient journey

  • Real-time program steering

  • Continuous insights and recommendation

  • Effective use of country resources

For multiple stakeholders

Epcon's generic engine allows to be deployed in various use cases. From pure data analytics, predictive modelling and risk quantification to monitoring patient adherence and wellbeing. All contribute to an improved patient pathway to care and an effective use of resources. Find out more how we can help your organisation.

Why Epcon?

With a multidisciplinary team of experts in GIS, Health and Data Science, and having its roots in South Africa, innovations to overcome the challenges in low resource settings and underserved communities are embedded in our DNA. When data is sparse, uncertain, complex and distributed, and its stakeholders need insights and understanding in remote areas, this is where Epcon starts to grow and creates value for those involved.

Use Cases

Our core technology has demonstrated the use of its bayesian reasoning models in different projects. Due to its generic model, we completed projects in epidemic mapping, predictive analysis and have developed innovative diagnostic tools.

We continue to innovate through collaborations with industry partners and allow for the use of our technology for social good.  Find out more!


TB burden in the mining industry (10 countries) supported by The Global Fund


TB burden in the mining industry (10 countries) supported by The Global Fund


TB burden in the mining industry (10 countries) supported by The Global Fund


TB burden in the mining industry (10 countries) supported by The Global Fund


Flu risk location aware temporal predictive analysis (South-Africa) via Technology Innovation Agency

Computer Aided Diagnostics

Benchmarks and use of CAD for Good

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Our Partners

Our partners provide domain expertise, research support and implement screening programs on the ground. We strongly seek and engage with partners in various technology, research and health strengthening domains.  Want to join our network?  See a way of adding value?  Click here.  

Epcon Founding Team


Science lead and development

Being a data scientist and medical doctor with a passion for mathematical and computing approaches, Thys seeks to develop algorithms that help save lives in a race against time.

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Data scientist & technical development

Anet is inspired by the fact that one can create a mind from many little parts, each mindless by itself (Marvin Minsky), and has dedicated her life to the development of agent based systems focussing on distributed AI.

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General management and growth


Driven by innovations that create value and improve the lives of underserved, Vincent seeks international collaborations for applying the technology in real-world settings.

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Business development South Africa

As a town planner and GIS expert, John was involved in creating solutions to address the unaddressed of the world. His passion and drive to implement our solutions in underserved settings inspires many and pushes boundaries of the impossible.

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Are you looking to engage in a company that develops technology to help save lives, innovates to improve access to care, generate insights for those that need them, and tries to discover the unknown and hidden patterns that the real world has to offer... we may be your next adventure!
You are a data scientist, epidemiologist, bioinformatics engineer and/or have a strong background in global public health, let us know and we'll get back to you.